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Hardware Optimization Technology (HOT) is a researched methodology of optimizing the way the hardware effectively talks to the software and vice versa by enabling the workstation to capture discreet insights of the resources an application would utilize through a unique optimization methodology for enhancing software and hardware performances. The HOT integration process involves an in depth understanding of workstation performance architecture as per the application demands. Designed for the performance driven professionals, the technology brings to life their design finesse through compact engineering and precision.

Optimize your workstation and experience engineering application performance, quality, and finesse with the best workstation computer in UAE. Omnix, the High-Performance workstation developer, is the original equipment manufacturer of HOT Systems® high-performance workstations, laptops, Servers, Render farms & Cloud for AEC

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Hardware Optimization Technology (HOT)

We incorporated our indigenously developed hardware optimization technology (HOT) and found the machines were working up to 33% faster than normally specified conventional hardware for CAD or engineering applications.

HOT Systems is the legitimate resource for optimization of your workstation to enhance performance for your applications. HOT Systems are built for performance-driven professionals, who need to enhance software and hardware performances. With HOT Systems, you can optimize the way the hardware talks to the software and vice versa, enabling the workstation to capture discreet insights of the resources an application would utilize.

HOT Systems is the leading 3D workstation & REVIT workstation hardware builders and developers of hardware optimization technology for leading software vendors, product design companies, and manufacturing corporations across the world.

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